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Mohsin Memon's games have won awards for being an innovative format of virtual learning and now you have the opportunity of experiencing one of them firsthand. We look forward to sharing this illuminating conversation and his forward-thinking approach to learning in our Mentor Moments.

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Here we see three different examples that can be utilised from playing Memon's game: Evivve. Imagine a diverse group of people coming together to solve a single problem. If the team sees themselves as one - they work together.

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Mohsin helps learning facilitators to use games in order to facilitate virtual and classroom instructor-led training. He used to work as a learning designer and facilitator in the past, facilitating learning experiences for Marsh, Netflix, Flipkart, Uber, Siemens, Bayer, JP Morgan, Capgemini and many others.


Currently Mohsin is helping learning facilitators how to use games to facilitate virtual and classroom Instructor-Lead Training Programs. He dreams of a world where people play to learn and he is passionate about game based learning, gamification and games in general. Mohsin use games and technology to change the way learning happens by creating real and authentic life-like learning experiences that ultimately lead to realization and then change. In the past, he has worked as a learning designer and facilitator. 


Better yet, would you like to design a game that helps your audience learn and retain information better? I am sure that we ALL would love to do just that and deliver awesome results that are interactive and FUN. However, where do you begin when it comes to game design? What should you be considering when it comes to goals, facilitation, and mindset? Well today the NERDS hope to answer these questions and MORE as we’re joined by Mohsin Memon.


In this episode, I will be chatting with Mohsin Memon who designs games for leadership development and is a passionate advocate for games and play in helping people learn and develop. We explore Mohsin's own leadership development journey from child Bollywood actor, to his pivot into games design and the work he does with clients now, and what he thinks the impact of Covid-19 will be on virtual game design and training.


Listen till the end to find some amazing lifehacks Mohsin used to bounce back in life.

This podcast is full of learnings 😀

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In this episode, I'll be chatting with Mohsin Memon who is the director of learning games at Gamitar Learning. Mohsin shares the principles of gamification, what he's been working on, and how he became interested in gamified learning experiences.


In this episode, we chat with Mohsin Memon, Director of Learning Games at Gamitar. We talk about the power of games, the struggles and challenges of small business, and how to find ideas everywhere. 

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Dr. Nicole Papaioannov Lugara interviews Mohsin Memon on his background and experience of facilitating games for learning


Mohsin Memon is an immersive learning advocate, a game designer and uses technology to change the way learning happens to by creating real authentic life-like learning experiences that lead to realization and then change, building great leaders to build great organization.

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